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Which Options to Consider When Choosing a Travel Insurance Plan?

ByByJason KamSep 8, 20236 min read

What you should consider before deciding on a single-trip or an annual travel plan? Travelling…

What is Roadside Assistance Service in Car Insurance?

ByByCheng Lee YangAug 13, 20236 min read

Have you ever had a situation where you drove over a rusty nail, and now…

MetaFin News: It’s Finally Here! Gifting with Takaful eHibah Program Introduced

ByByJason KamJul 31, 20236 min read

MetaFin and Takaful IKHLAS Family Berhad comes together to launch innovative Digital eHibah Program, the…

What Car Paint Colors Are Easiest to Maintain?

ByByCheng Lee YangMay 26, 20234 min read

In this guide, you’ll find the easiest car paint colors to maintain. Learn tips for…