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Top 3 Reasons To Get Yourself Medical Protection Before It Is Too Late!

Still considering if you need a medical plan now or later? This blog is a simple guide that will walk you through the significance of being medically protected and the ways to go about it for life-long peace of mind!


Healthcare has been and will always be an essential life service especially with the ever growing demand for medical services and supply. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought increasing awareness and knowledge on the importance of preventative measures and healthy lifestyle. Many individuals have been benefiting a lot through their respective medical protection, coverage and aid support throughout decades. However, there are still some people who hesitate, find it unnecessary or that it is too costly to get themselves medically protected.

Here are some important reasons why you should get medically protected right away!

High Cost of Medical Expenses

It is no surprise that medical treatments, services or supplies could cost a bomb especially for severe illnesses or conditions. Most of the time, people just ignore their symptoms for the sake of avoiding extra charges from doctors’ consultations in clinics which eventually might end up costing more on major diagnostics and treatments if left untreated. Now, why would one have to go through all this hassle when a simple yet affordable medical protection could provide comprehensive medical benefits and healthcare prevention? Yes, you do have to pay monthly or annually for the medical protection. But think about this, would you rather pay RM1,200 per year for a medical card or pay a lump sum of RM3,000 for a medical surgery or treatment in the case of an emergency? Getting medically protected ensures your peace of mind while letting you to challenge your limits and live life to the fullest at all times!

Health Check-Ups

Some medical plans besides offering a wide range of coverage and medical services, health check-ups are also provided as an act of healthcare preventative measures. This enables customers to experience a full thorough body check (according to respective premium policy) without bearing any extra charges at all! You get to make sure your health is at tip top condition and lead an even more quality lifestyle because health is wealth! Basically, you are still getting back fractions of what you paid for even without utilizing the main health coverage. Super cool isn’t it?


Income Tax Relief And Deduction

Do you know that paying for your medical and life insurance could be relieved from your annual tax deductions? Based on Inland Revenue Board Of Malaysia, having a medical insurance policy entails up to RM3,000 deduction in taxable income for a year excluding other general or life insurance entitlement. This shows that getting extra medical protection is not actually a burden but instead is a smart personal and self-care investment that should be taken by everyone from a young age. Medical protection is a need, not want.


Get Affordable Healthcare with Membership Program

Be ready for anything with MediSaversVIP Prime – our healthcare membership program with no annual limits.

Stay ready for any illnesses that may come your way. MediSaversVIP Prime allows you to get the best treatments affordably.

Getting Protected For Your Lifelong Peace of Mind

Overall, medical protection offers a variety of benefits and long term advantages for everyone. It should be in fact considered as a daily necessity especially in the crisis times like this. Parents with kids should start planning for the future benefits of their children and get medical protection before any diagnosis of illnesses or physical conditions has been made. Still unsure about the type or premiums or coverage that you or your loved ones need? No worries! MediSaversVIP Prime has one of the most affordable, simple yet comprehensive medical coverage for all!

Medical protection from MediSavers offers:

  • Comprehensive yearly blood screening from Pathlab (52 Tests + 5 Cancer Markers for women / 4 Cancer Markers for men) redeemable nationwide
  • High coverage of RM1,500,000 per illness
  • No annual limit & No lifetime limit
  • USD1,000,000 24-hour worldwide emergency medical evacuation & repatriation of mortal remains

And so much more other benefits!

Now with our full digitalization and technology efforts, getting yourself protected is just within clicks away! What are you waiting for? Find yourself a medical protection plan now!

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