MetaFin Updates: Visit Malaysia’s First Insurtech AI Smart Vending Machine to Get a FREE RM2,000 Insurance Gift!

A ground-breaking collaboration between Allegra Technologies, MetaFin, and Pathlab Health Management Sdn Bhd is revolutionising the Malaysian insurtech industry with an AI Smart vending machine that provides access…

DigitALL Product Launch and MoU Signing Ceremony Event

MediSavers eBikeSavers program is the latest product collaboration launch between MXM International and Tune Protect Malaysia announced at MediSavers HQ at Petaling Jaya. Our Group President and CEO…

MediSavers in Action: August Amazing Announcements

This month brings an exciting series of announcements at the MediSavers HQ.

MediSavers Prima Care Super Protector Product Launch

MXM International has officially launched another offering under the MediSavers Prima Care family which will be recognised as the MediSavers Prima Care Super Protector.

Group Term Life is the latest collaboration between MediSavers and Manulife Insurance

MediSavers Prime Life 48 Membership Program New Launch Kuala Lumpur 30th June 2022 – The Group Term Life Membership Program is the latest collaboration between MediSavers and Manulife…